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A new podcast from NBC News, The Trail Tapes tells the stories of people with unorthodox connections to the 2016 presidential campaign. Host Jake Heller travels the country to talk to real people (not pundits) who offer a unique perspective on the election.
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Nov 4, 2016

1.7 million felons are barred from voting in Florida. 6.1 million are banned nationwide. Jake heads to Orlando to talk to former felon Desmond Meade about what it feels like to be left out of this election.

Aug 11, 2016

Jake followed Bernie Sanders delegate Brian Nowak from Buffalo through the DNC to get a sense of where Bernie's revolution goes from here.

May 10, 2016

She made headlines when she wore an American flag hijab on Fox News. Now, Saba Ahmed is fighting to put a Republican in the White House. (Yes, even Donald Trump.)

Mar 10, 2016

Jake travels to Philadelphia to see voiceover artist Laurel Katz record pro-Ted Cruz ads. Does she believe in what she's saying?

And here's a mini documentary to go along with this episode:

Dec 22, 2015

Jake travels to New Hampshire to meet two young siblings who are asking tough questions to presidential candidates coming through their state. Anabelle is 12 and Gregory is 10, but that hasn't stopped them from asking Jeb about his low poll numbers or Chris Christie about gay marriage. Plus, they're adorable.

Nov 5, 2015

Jake travels to Chicago to meet John Di Domenico, a Donald Trump impersonator. With Trump in the headlines, John’s business is booming. But transforming into the real estate mogul and GOP presidential candidate has its difficulties. What is it really like to go inside The Donald’s mind?

Nov 5, 2015

Host Jake Heller explains what this podcast is about.